A display that makes your dream and imagination come true, Hyundai IBT will help achieve!

  • Accumulated Knowhow Hyundai IBT is incorporating technologies to develop or produce displays that have been accumulated for more than 29 years since the development of a mono display. The company has excellent experienced engineers in circuit/device/process technology/firmware and boats high-tech technologies that the world recognized, such as in an unmanned system of control processes and a packing design, which are actualized by the process technology equipments that it Develop by itself. Hyundai IBT is currently focusing on the competitive productionality with its - accumulated technological know-how including overseas and domestic patents more than 80 ones and utility designs more than 50 ones.

  • Swiftness of Development The company is able to make quick product development decisions, thanks to its highly efficient team of researchers working at high-tech research centers featuring state-of-the-art equipment and systems. Consequently, the company is always able to cope with development losses and solve any mass-production problem. In addition, a number of firmware engineers are leading the technological development in a global display industry that is rapidly progressing by securing its own frontier - technologies related to next-generation related technologies including digital signage and 3D display.

  • Research Personnel’s Professionalism Hyundai IBT is aiding its research personnel in specifically classified professiovnal research studies and education, developing first-class products via technologies more advanced than those of its competitors. In addition, the company is leading the establishment of efficient development processes and optimized models by adopting the world’s technological trends and the requirements from customers in cooperation with domestic and overseas providers.

  • Process Technology Field MAS System PCB Screen Inspection Technology WB-MAS Screen Auto-adjustment Equipment Technology DDC R/W System Equipment Technology DPMS Automatic Inspection Technology Service Monitor Semi-automatic Adjustment Technology Screen Inspection and Inspection Processes - unmanned Technology

  • Process Technology Field Reliance Field Parts Temperature, Power Sequence, MTBF. etc. Screen and Electric Features Field Video Measurement, Time & Hold In
    Range, Interface Port
    RF and Screen Standards and Features Field RF, SCART,Tele-text, V-Chip, MHP, MHEG5 Environmental Test Field High·Low Temperature Test , Drop, ESD, PLD, DIP Audio and Comparability A/V Delay, AVL Response, DDC, D-SUB,
    DVI Comparability