Hyundai IBT spun off from the Monitor Business Division of Hyundai Electronics.

  • 01Established its local sales operation in Philippines
  • 01Supplied Digital Signage at Citron in Europe
  • 05Launched the 3D TV(E465S) in Korea
  • 07Launched the LED Monitor(T-Series)
  • 09Launched the Super Narrow Bezel 3D Multi Wall
  • 01Launched the Outdoor Digital Signage
  • 02Supplied Digital Signage Art Wall at Gimpo Airport in Korea
  • 03Received the Best of Fose for Display Devise part at FOSE 2009, USA
  • 07Supplied Digital Signage at Cyprus Ariport for Advertisement
  • 09Established its plants of Outdoor Digital Signage
  • 04Commercializes the world’s first real-time 3D-receiving TV (Launches the Japanese-oriented 3D TV)
  • 05Launched the Premium 56cm 3D Monitor- W220S
  • 06Signs a strategic joint venture contract for the supply of digital sigmage with MRI(USA)
  • 07Premium 61cm 3D Monitor - W240S
  • 12Established its plants of Outdoor Digital Signage
  • 03Launched the 56cm Wide Monitor - N220W and acquires the Window Vista Certificate
  • 06Supplies monitors to the U.S. Department of Defense
  • 07Launches Premium 61cm Wide Monitors - W240D
  • 03Shifts its corporate name to Hyundai IT Corporation(formerly Hyundai Quest Corporation)
  • 05Establishes its local corporation for productio and services in Germany
  • 12Launched the 116cm Full HD - E465D
  • 03Launched the Digital Tuner Integrator - Full Line-up
  • 07Launches Premium TV Brand - Vvuon
  • 11Signs a 40 mil. Euro Contract with Italy on the export of digital TVs
  • 03Shifted its corporate name to Hyundai Quest Corporation (Formerly Quest Corporation)
  • 11Receives an award of $3 hundred mil. Export Tower on 41st Trading Day
  • 11Takes over Gimcheon Plants and Production facilities in Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • 08Advanes into the digital TV market
  • 09Seals an 80 Mil. euro - Long-term Contract on the supply of LCD monitors to Date Logic
  • 10Company the Plant for a joint Venture Company with Spain
  • 02Receives the “Grand Prize in Electronics Industry” award sponsored by the Korea Electronics Association
  • 08Gets listed in KOSDAQ
  • 09Selected as “Good Korea - China Economic Cooperaton Business” by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
  • 11Awarded with a $2 hundred milion Export Tower and the Stone Tower Industry Decoratoin on the 39th Trading Day
  • 08Launches the world’s first No Screw Type 17-Inch Tiniest - Q770
  • 11Establishes its local sales operatoin in Japan
  • 11Gets awarded with 1 hundred milion Export Tower and the Bronze Stone Towe Industry Decoration on 38th Trading Day
  • 05Establish Hyundai Quest Corporation
  • 09Estblishes its local sales operation in USA
  • 10Establishes its local sales operation in Germany
  • 10Acquires the Certificate for its General Research Center (Korea Industrial Technology Associaton)